Paul C Recently I discovered a bit of paint missing from the bumper they had replaced about 6 months ago. Knowing they had a warranty covering paint and body repair I contacted Ahmad about it and without hesitation told me to bring it in so he can take a look. Without any fuss he had me scheduled to bring the car in next week so they can repair it. Their first class customer service and no bs attitude just reaffirms my loyalty to the shop. They could have made warranty repair work cumbersome and annoying for the customer but they didn't. Again, I highly recommend them for any repair work needed. Thanks D&V!
Paul C
N Y Had a nail in the tire of my BMW and didn't want to take it to the service center where they would charge me an arm and leg. I happened to drive by VAG auto shop, where Eddie so graciously offered to take the nail out and patch my tire for no charge! He refused to take any payment and simply said "remember there are still nice people in the world" Eddie and his team were so pleasant and patched up my tire within minutes after hours. Kindness really does exist and if I ever have any issues in the future, I will make sure to visit VAG auto shop. I highly recommend this place. They are skilled, kind and extremely helpful. Thank you!
 Brian M Brian M I had a tire blowout and Ned had the only company that was interested in helping me. Everyone else said it would be several hours while Ned showed up in 30 minutes. He was nice, easy going, and very professional. He put the spare on as I had two tires on one side blow and needed both rear tires to tow the car. The whole process was easy and even offered to help with working up a receipt that would make my insurance company happy so they'd reimburse me. You should definitely call these guys if you're in the Arlington area and need help!
Brian M